Friday, May 27, 2016

Having Sex With Your Best Friend, Why Not?

Having sex with your best friend is a huge gamble. If you lose, you’ll have to pay a high price of losing your best friend. If you win, the payout makes the risk so much more worth it. So weigh your options before you cross the line and have sex with your best friend.

Sex with your best friend: Reasons to go for it
#1 He knows you best. There’s no better bedroom candidate than your best friend, because he knows you best. You tell him everything, and if there’s anyone who knows what you like, it’s him. The sex will only strengthen your connection even more.

#2 He may already like you a lot. Meeting someone new or starting a relationship with someone new can be a big risk. It’s nerve-wracking. There’s a question of chemistry. With your guy best friend, you already have this bond. And best of all, he may already like you a lot, but is just afraid to make a move.

#3 He knows how to please you… in bed. Being together all the time, it’s more than likely that feelings will eventually develop. And if they have on his part, he may have already imagined how you are in bed.
The fact that you are so comfortable enough with him that you also tell him bits and pieces of your sex life will also help him in that department. So when you finally do the deed, all the awkwardness will be gone and he may even know how to play you like a guitar.

#4 He knows your family and friends. If having sex with him is a prelude to a romantic relationship, then go for it. Since he knows all your family and friends, it’s more than likely that they will approve of your relationship as compared to with a new prospect, who will have to adjust or find it hard to fit into your circle.

#5 He loves you. Despite all your flaws and mistakes, your best friend has proven time and again that he’s there for you. He’s been there for you at your worst and at your best. He loves you and he likely won’t do anything to hurt you—and you feel the same for him, too.

#6 You can always go back to being friends. If the sex isn’t that good or if you really can’t find yourselves in a romantic relationship with each other, then you can make a clean break and just go back to being friends or best friends. Done right, you can always agree to continue the friendship because you know you always have each other’s backs.

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