Friday, May 27, 2016

20 Things Can Make a Guy Instant Erections

#1 Strip tease. A sexy strip tease is sure to get your man hot, hot, hot! Start off in an outfit that you know you look great in, something you can slip off seductively and slowly, and find a great soundtrack to help you get in the mood.
Have him sit or lie down and then slowly strip off, revealing your skin just a little, and then a little more, until you are down to your gorgeous underwear or even your birthday suit. He’s sure to be super hard and desperate to pounce on you ASAP!

#2 Dirty texts. If you want to play with your man, send him a series of dirty text messages and pictures throughout the day.
Start off a little cheeky, a little flirty, and as he responds get more and more filthy. You’ll no doubt get him uncomfortably hard and looking forward to seeing you later!

#3 Whisper in his ear. When you start getting down to it, gently start whispering in his ear while giving it a little nibble and the occasional lick.
You can go for full on dirty or just whisper how much you love him or how he feels so good touching you, how you love touching him and so on, the more you do this, the harder he’ll get!

#4 Tell him what you want. Guys love it when a girl takes charge so tell him exactly what you want him to do to you and when.
Hearing out loud all the things you love and why, and hearing your appreciative moans and groans when he does them will give him a boner for sure!
#5 Dress up. Dress up in sexy lingerie to give your man a great surprise and get him hard in no time. You could go for something classy or cheeky, revealing or romantic, or better yet, why not dress up in a sexy costume such as a nurse or maid outfit? Erection guaranteed!

#6 Touch it. Okay, so it might be obvious, but touching his penis is a surefire way to get him hard.
Start off by gently wrapping your hand around the base of his penis and lightly move your hand up and down – ask him if he likes it harder, faster, etc. You’ll soon feel it growing and stiffening in your hands – a serious turn on!

#7 Suck it. Go down on him and he is sure to be grateful and get a hard on instantly. Start off by gently licking up and down the underside of his penis, gently tickle his balls while you do it and then take him in your mouth, wrapping your lips around your teeth as you do so. Suck and lick his penis and you’ll feeling him getting hard in no time.

#8 Tease him. Guys like teasing just as much as girls do. Start by softly stroking and kissing him all over, get close to his penis and occasionally go closer before moving away, then kiss him passionately on the lips and then pull away again. Keep repeating this until he has a huge hard-on and is begging you for more.

#9 Don’t let him touch you. If you want to take the teasing even further, don’t let him touch you at all while you do the above. If he moves his hands towards you, hold them back. Or you could even tie him up for the ultimate in awesome, agonizing pleasure.

#10 Watch porn. Guys are stimulated by visual things, so watching porn is a quick and easy way to get him turned on and ready for action. Find something that suits both your tastes and you’ll no doubt get pretty turned on yourself too!

#11 Tell him how good it feels. Give him confidence in the bedroom by telling him what a good job he is doing. When he’s touching you, tell him how great it feels and why.
Hearing how much you love it is going to make him stand to attention in more ways than one!

#12 Keep the lights on. Again, guys are visual and like to see when it comes to sex, so if you usually prefer to hide your wobbly bits in the dark, be brave and keep the lights on. If you are a bit shy then light some candles or invest in a dimmer switch to create the perfect sexy ambience.

#13 Role play. Role play can be seriously sexy so why not give it a go and see if it can get your guy hard?
Take it in turns to play different roles, teacher and pupil, patient and nurse – whatever turns you on. He is sure to get horny and hard pretty quickly.
#14 Pretend to be strangers. There is something seriously sexy about pretending you don’t know one another.
Slip on your sexiest outfit, arrange to meet in a bar neither of you have been to before and act like you don’t know one another. Keep the conversation strictly flirty and we’ll bet your man gets a hard-on just by talking to you.

#15 Talk dirty. Talking dirty to one another can be a surefire way to get things steamy in no time at all.
If you aren’t that comfortable at first, don’t worry, it can take practice to get into it. Start off slowly and you’ll soon get the hang of it, and he is sure to have a huge boner in a few seconds.

#16 Be loud. Being loud will turn him on for sure. Groan, moan, and tell him how amazing he feels. If that doesn’t give him an erection, we don’t know what will!

#17 Read erotic fiction to him. This is the literature lovers’ version of porn! Reading sexy passages from a dirty book can build up sexual tension and is sure to get something stirring in his nether regions pronto!

#18 Play a dirty game. Why not have a little fun with your sex life and play a dirty game? There are loads of fun sex games out there that can spice things up, and as things get filthy, he is sure to get an boner with it!

#19 Kiss but nothing else. Back to the teasing! If you want to keep him waiting and get him seriously hard before you go to the next level, why not evoke a ‘kissing only’ rule? Sometimes, if you have been in a relationship for a while, it is easy to neglect the simple pleasures, so get down to a serious make-out session and you’ll be sure to feel him getting hard in no time at all!

#20 Compliment him. Guys love to be flattered just as much as girls, so shower him with compliments about the way he looks, how sexy you find him, how fantastic he feels inside you – whatever works to turn him on – you’ll find out what he loves to hear and then get him harder than ever before.

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